Building Packages


Golden Mountain Homes will manage your development project from the moment you buy your lot, until the moment you take your key. Whether your project involves clearing land for resale, building your dream home, or vacation getaway, we ensure completed work as quickly as possible.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality work, to the highest of standards, with the least amount of environmental impact. With a selection of proven builders we can help you choose the best architects, engineers, and contractors to bring your vision to reality. We match you with builders that will help you get what you want for your mountain living dream.


Call us to manage your development project and provide you with peace of mind, knowing your land will be developed efficiently, and cost-effectively.


We also provide lot financing and post-build development services. Contact us today for the details.

We want to make building your dream home in this mountain community as easy as possible. Using our turnkey service we can manage your development project—from the moment you buy your lot, until you are ready to take your key. Recreational or permanent living... your choice.